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WordPress Full-Stack Developer

Technology Company Cooperation with Work Without Borders -Palestine-Gaza , announces its need for a (WordPress Full-Stack Developer) according to the conditions described below.Those who have the requirements below, fill out the following form:

Basic requirements :

  1. Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or Information Technology.
  2. Minimum 3 year experience in Web Development, Software Development and Applications.
  3. Minimum 3 year experience in Wordpress Development and Plugins.
  4. Expert knowledge of (FrontEnd /Plugin / API / UI).
  5. Strong PHP development skills.
  6. HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS skills.
  7. Good working experience in MySQL including the use of efficient SQL commands.
  8. Strong organizational skills, structured thinking and development methodology.
  9. Strong in Google Tag Manager & Google analytics.
  10. Ability to work quickly, efficiently and independent.

Job Description :

  1. Work with Web designer and convert PSD templates to HTML/CSS sites.
  2. WordPress and Plugin installation, configuration and management.
  3. Developing themes and plugins for WordPress.
  4. Develop WP pages based on fixed brief.
  5. Mobile pages Ar and English.
  6. Integrating website with CRM.
  7. Management website performance ( speed and security)


  • Monthly Salary : On the basis of merit.
  • Employment Type: First 3 months of the year contract are trial .
  • Full Time .


Deadline is Sunday : 29/03/2020.
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