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SAWA Logistics Assistant

Enabel is the Belgian development agency. It implements and coordinates Belgium’s international development policy and primarily works for the Belgian State. The agency also implements actions for other national and international donors. Enabel has 1400 staff, of which more than 70% is local personnel. Enabel manages about 150 projects, mostly in fragile states in Africa.

Job description

The logistics assistant is responsible for performing day to day administrative tasks. Mainly, he/she has to manage office supplies, equipment and furniture. Keep a clean and safe working environment and optimize space utilization.

He/she also has to manage documents and files of SAWA Project. It is their duty to provide support to the staff by rendering job related tasks within and outside company as assigned by the staff.

Main Tasks

  1. Monitoring the consumption and use of office supplies and office stationary within the office;
  2. Keep a clean and safe working environment and optimize space utilization
  3. Maintaining up-to-date filing system;
  4. Registering incoming and out-going mail and documents;
  5. Attend telephone calls, performing receptionist duties;
  6. Providing details to phone callers, and office visitors;
  7. Perform inventory control by monitoring the use of devices and supplies within the workplace;
  8. Dealing with inquiries or needs of the visitors and workers;
  9. Responsible for organization of property maintenance and repair of devices at the workplace;
  10. Assisting management personnel as required;
  11. Follow quality service standards and comply with procedures, rules and regulations;
  12. Providing stationary to all employees working in office;
  13. Assist peers as required (coordinate meetings, help in setting up projectors and laptops during the meetings);
  14. Collecting parcels from couriers and distribute them to concerned person;
  15. Performance of any secretarial work of a similar that may be required such as laminating, photo-copy and bind documents. Performing daily bank activities of cheque deposits and clearance;
  16. Performing other administrative tasks as per instructions from manager.

  • Level of Education Required for the Job

  1. At least 2 years of office logistics management
  2. High School degree is an added value

  • Experience Required for the Job

  1. Minimum 1 year post qualification experience in public or private sector is required at the similar level
  2. Experience in administrative or clerical activities is an added advantage

  • Technical Skills Required for the Job

  1. Knowledge of office and management techniques.
  2. Knowledge of customer service methods and concepts.
  3. Good interaction abilities and professional personal display.
  4. Should be sincere, and trustworthy.
  5. Valid driving license

Apply here online with an application letter and your updated CV, at the latest by 20/02/2020.

Only applications that are registered here via our on-line portal will be considered. 
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