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Medical Emergency Manager

  • Purpose:

Main objectives: To ensure the implementation of MDM medical emergency programs in line with MDM medical Emergency intervention strategy and Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans as well as to ensure international quality standards.

The Medical Emergency Manager shall be responsible for the following:


  1. In line with Mission Strategy, responsible of the management of the emergency projects and follow up with all partners (respecting International Standards of quality).
  2. Responsible for the management and supervision of the medical emergency technical staff
  3. Participates in the elaboration of the Emergency Strategy (Contribute to the diagnosis of medical Emergency needs and to the strategy development, including fundraising and proposal writing)
  4. Ensure proper monitoring, evaluation and reporting of medical emergency program activities
  5. Maintain the communication and collaboration of the emergency department with other departments within the base and the entire MdM Palestine mission.

  • Strategy

  1. Participate to the preparation of emergency medical interventions for the Gaza Strip, to adjust MDM activities and medical resources to the needs;
  2. Map and update existing Emergency programs and service providers in the Gaza Strip.
  3. Conduct health needs assessments and diagnosis of health context.
  4. Advise MDM on cultural, political and legal aspects of the program activities and its partners.
  5. Contribute to the drafting of technical proposals for donors.
  6. Contribute to the advocacy strategy design and implementation.
  7. To develop, review and update MdM Contingency Plan as part of the general MdM EPREP in Gaza.

  • Programming

  1. Ensure the quality implementation of the medical emergency program and its follow-up in its different aspects: logistical, administrative and medical.
  2. Capitalize on tools, protocols and guidelines produced on the project - quality / M&E.
  3. In cooperation with the Medical coordinator, make proposals for re-orientation of the programs and the medical framework of the mission according to the situation on the field.
  4. Assess Emergency needs of the communities and provide regular updates of the emergency main stakeholders in the Gaza strip.
  5. Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate the medical emergency activities implemented by MdM France staff /Partners.
  6. Monitor the public health context (in collaboration with the MedCo) and challenges and react to any change by adapting the program if necessary
  7. Conduct regular field visits for the project activities and partners.
  8. Follow up on drug needs and drug shortages in the Gaza strip and notify Coordination team in case of urgent requirements.
  9. Supervise the pharmacy and medical stock in the office.
  10. Ensure a good communication and provide needed information of the project needs and keep the link between projects’ team and the support departments of the base for the projects’ implementation.
  11. Take part in advocacy and communication activities under the supervision of his/her supervisor.

  • Data Collection, reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation (in coordination with MEAL officer/manager)

  1. Participate in networking with other health stakeholders during emergencies.
  2. Systematize the collection and filing of health and medical data from external sources (MoH, other NGOs, WHO etc.)
  3. Ensure the production of summaries and analysis of the data in monthly bases and when requested.
  4. Ensure the qualitative and quantitative data collection and its proper analysis and produce related summaries in a monthly basis.
  5. Provide monthly report of activities and program management not later than the 5th of the following month.
  6. Contribute to the program data analysis.
  7. Provide with any other requested report when needed.

  • Requirements:

  1. Medical, Para-medical staff, or any related field with strong experience in development & implementation of medical programs.
  2. At least 5 years of work experience in project management in the field for NGOs (preferably INGOs).
  3. Good supervision & reporting skills.
  4. Program planning, budgeting and monitoring skills (Program Development: Comprehensive experience in program/project management.
  5. Proven capacity to generate ideas, assess political and social environment, develop and implement relevant strategies and projects.)
  6. Good communication skills.
  7. Good command of English and Arabic languages (both written and spoken).
  8. Computer skills (word, excel, PowerPoint, statistics software…).
  9. Good experience and knowledge about the medical emergency procedures and protocols used at National level.
  10. Context and cultural knowledge.

Qualified applicants are invited to send their resume or CV and a one-page cover letter in English, by Email to: recruitment.palestine@medecinsdumonde.net

Please reference the job title as MDM/EMERGENCY MED MANAGER/GZA/2020 in the subject line of your Email.

Deadline for receiving the application is Thursday 13th of February 2020.
Please note that MDM will contact only pre-selected candidates and by email, the position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is identified.
In accordance with the Resolution No. 17, 2010 of the Gaza Ministry of Interior, applicants who have a running contract with any governmental or non-governmental structure will not be selected.
(Unpaid leaves will not be considered)
We thank all candidates for their interest in a position with MDM.

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