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Monitoring and Evaluation Officer 

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) is an independent Palestinian human rights organization (registered as a non-profit Ltd. Company) based in Gaza City. The work of PCHR is conducted through documentation and investigation of human rights violations, provision of legal aid and counseling for both individuals and groups, and preparation of research articles relevant to such issues as the human rights situation and the rule of law.  PCHR announces the following vacancy. 

  • Position title: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer
  • Reports to: General Director 
  • Location: HQ office- Gaza 
  • Contract duration: One year renewable. (Full Time).
  • Brief description of the position

The M&E Officer is responsible for carrying out all M&E activities in PCHR. The M&E Officer will be responsible for managing and leading the collection and analysis of PCHR's programs/projects data and report periodic progress reports, challenges, and lessons learned during and after the implementation to PCHR's General Director.


Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Develop monitoring and evaluation systems that correlate to the needs of programs/projects of PCHR. 
  2. Monitor and evaluate all programs/projects activities progress towards achieving the set outputs.
  3. Define the key project performance indicators as well as monitor that they are met throughout the projects’ duration.
  4. Participate with M&E input in proposals.
  5. Provide support to any external and internal evaluations of program/project activities.
  6. Conduct regular field visits to the program/project activities.
  7. Train the related staff members on M&E tools and skills as appropriate.
  8. Support management in identifying challenges in the programs’/projects’ performance to ensure annual targets and outcomes are achieved in line with the approved plans and budgets.
  9. Manage and lead the data collection process and conduct regular analysis of the data collected.
  10. Keep the general director and program directors updated about the M&E status, including deliverables, deadlines, and any other concerns.
  11. Assist the program committee in generating and developing ideas to be used in proposals.
  12. Contribute to gender mainstreaming relevant to M&E tasks.
  13. Perform other duties and tasks at the request of management.


  1. Prepare quarterly, mid-term, and annual program/project progress reports to be delivered to PCHR's general director.
  2. Report challenges, best practices, and lessons learned of PCHR's programs/projects implementation to PCHR's general director.
  3. Develop program case studies and monthly success stories.
  4. Report initiatives, suggestions, and improvements to general director.

Education & Experience

  1. Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Information Management, Project Management,  or other relevant academic background. (Master degree is preferable).
  2. Minimum 5 years of relevant working experience; in the field of M&E, projects design and proposals writing.
  3. Fluency in English and Arabic (written and spoken).
  4. Very good experience of effective project design and budget control.

Knowledge and Skills: 
  1. Demonstrated leadership and teamwork skills.
  2. Excellent communications and interpersonal skills.
  3. Research design, data analysis, and high reporting skills.
  4. Very good knowledge in MS Office applications.
  5. Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  6. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  7. Highly approachable, trustworthy and confidential.
  8. Believer in human rights, particularly women’s rights.

Candidates are invited to submit their Curriculum Vitae (CVs) in English to the following email address: jobs@pchrgaza.org 
No later than Monday, 24/2/2020, and kindly include in the email subject line the title of the position you are applying for. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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