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NATUF is a civil Palestinian association established in 2002. It is a licensed charitable association by the Ministry of Interior and holds registration no. 7196. NATUF seeks to support community development in Palestine generally and Gaza Strip particularly, it aims to contribute in securing healthy and sound community environment through progressing development in the field of environment and community development.
Recently, NATUF received a grant from Welfare Association - Taawon to implement a project titled
“ Promoting the access of Orphaned Youth ( Wajd & Mustaqbali Beneficiaries ) to the Higher Education & Vocational Training “
NATUF is currently looking for qualified candidates to fill the position of

  • Position: Pre-College Counselor
  • Report to: project coordinator
  • Type: Part time Contract
  • Duration: 9 months – No extension

  • Roles and responsibilities:

  1. Work to follow the planning process, preparation and follow-up the technical activities in the track of academic and career counseling and training programs.
  2.  Supervising the submission of scholarship applications for different universities and reviewing motivation letter for each student.
  3.  Submit periodic technical reports to monitor the curve of progress of enrolled students in English Language, and academic and career counseling.
  4.  Conduct periodic academic meeting with mentors to follow the implementation of work plan.
  5.  Conducting academic counseling sessions during the universities’ selection process, filling out the admission applications and introducing targeted countries and universities.
  6.  Work with participants step-by-step to develop and submit the college application for admission.
  7.  Advocate on behalf of participants via letters of recommendation and personal communication with college representatives.
  8.  Assist participants in dealing with difficult situations such as college admission and/or financial aid denials and in developing alternative strategies should this occur.
  9.  Ensure that participants have a full academic and personal plan in place, and follow-up on their progress with the Mentorship and Talents tracks.
  10.  Work closely with mentors to ensure each participant is progressing with their study and personal plans well, and immediately take action in cases where participants are straying off track.
  11. Work to develop essay-writing skills of Bridge Palestine participants, and assist participants in developing appropriate interviewing skills and for understanding the purpose of the college admission interview and their role in the process.
  12.  Offer guidance regarding the practicalities of university admission, travel, and residence for participants and their families.
  13.  Support and advise on living experience outside: what it mean to study in a top-ranked university, what to expect from hosting community/society, and to share personal experiences on multiculturalism and how to deal with racism, sexism, and religious intolerance.
  14.  Communicating and clarifying different university application requirements, admission, financial aid deadlines, and the variety of early admission and early decision programs available.
  15.  Psychosocial support during the senior year at school: provide a supportive environment for participants and parents and work to eliminate or reduce unnecessary anxiety too often associated with the college admission process.
  16.  Work with the parents of each participant to ensure they are supportive and collaborative for achieving the academic and personal goals of their son/daughter.
  17.  Ensure timely, efficient and effective implementation of work plans that ensures the project outcomes and outputs are aligned with the project proposal.
  18.  Produce timely reports as required by NATUF and donor reporting systems.
  19.  Ensure the proper documentation of the academic activities and develop the necessary forms and records to ensure the smooth and timely sharing of information.

Vacancy Requirements
Essential Experiences and Competencies
  1. Master degree in Education, development studies or related fields from a renowned university. Preference is for US & UK graduates

Qualifications and Experience:
  1. At least 3 years of relevant work experience in NGOs.
  2.  Friendly and ongoing attitude and willingness to deal with teenagers.
  3.  Previous expertise in working with students on college admissions is a big benefit.
  4.  Strong command of English language.
  5.  Ability to actively listen and understand the student & provide the beneficial advice or help when needed.
  6.  Preference is for young applicants under 40 years old.
  7.  Strong organizational and analytical skills;
  8. Experience in and commitment to participatory management and maintaining a supportive, open environment to ensure the transferring of knowledge & development of all staff.
  9.  Strong understanding of concepts, issues and techniques related to community engagement, social development, local governance and outreach and advocacy campaigns.
  10.  High skills in reporting and designing academic personal plans
  11.  Computer skills (Word, Excel, internet, social media platforms and e-mail);

  • Langauge:

  1.  Excellent spoken and written English and Arabic

  •  Qualified applicants are invited to send their resume or CV and a one-page cover letter in English, by Email to natuf@natuf.ps
  •  Please reference the job title as Pre-College Counselor in the subject line of your Email.
  •  Dead line for receiving the application is Monday 3rd Feb. 2020
  •  NATUF supports gender equality and discrimination. Diversity is requested, so we highly encourage qualified women and persons with disabilities to apply for the job
  •  Please note that NATUF will contact only pre-selected candidates and by email, the consultancy will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is identified.
  •  We thank all candidates for their interest in a position with NATUF.

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