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مطلوب مهندسو مشروع

An Experienced Engineering and Construction firm with is currently operating in the water and wastewater sectors in Gaza Strip. We are seeking the following full time positions for upcoming engineering and construction work in Gaza on projects funded by international donors.

Project Engineers

With 4+ years of solid experience in construction of Infrastructure, Reservoirs, water and wastewater projects; compliance with international donor quality requirements is a must

-Bsc in Civil or Mechanical Engineering required, higher degrees are preferable;
-Strong communication skills;
-Ability to work as a team member and under pressure;
-Ability to prioritize and manage high workload expeditiously;
-Strong written and verbal English;
-Strong organizational and managerial skills;
-Excellent computer skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and AutoCAD; 
-Strong understanding of Safety requirements at work place.

CV’s must be submitted to the following e-mail


no later than Thursday Nov. 24th, 2016. Only Short listed candidates will be contacted
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