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LLM Scholarships at University of Queensland in Australia, 2017

الدرجة : Master
آخر موعد للتقدم : 24.02.2017
البلد : Australia

This scholarship provides assistance to overseas students* enrolled or enrolling full-time in the Master of Laws (LLM)  or Master of International Law (MICLaw) programs. The scholarship will take the form of monetary assistance to help with living expenses for 12 months and will be paid in two installments – one during semester 1 and one during Semester 2. Applicants should note that they will be responsible for the payment of all tuition fees associated with their program.
Applicants will be assessed on the following criteria:
  1. Academic merit
  2. Significant financial need
  3. Express interest in the study of law, with a view to using that study in some future occupation
  4. Proposed budget
Applicants should note that the total number of scholarships, and the duration and amount of each scholarship to be awarded will be determined on an annual basis by the TC Beirne School of Law Scholarship Endowment Fund Selection Committee.

* An overseas student is a person who is not an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen, and who is enrolled or proposes to enrol in a program of study at an institution in Australia. Temporary residents of Australia and permanent residents of New Zealand are classified as overseas students.

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